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975,000+ Subscribers

After his shift in content, Evan started to amass hundreds of thousands of subscribers in just a few years.

Community Discord

Despite not having much promotion in the spotlight, the discord is always hyped when a new video gets announced.

Immersive Documentaries

In 2020, Evan shifted content to recording documentaries around popular Minecraft YouTubers.

Latest Videos

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The Legend of
Wilbur Soot

Evan tells the complete story of Minecraft and variety content creator Wilbur Soot. From SootHouse to Dream SMP.

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Dream SMP - Rise of Las Nevadas

Being the 8th in the Dream SMP Series, this one tells the story of The Syndicate, and Quackity's city, "Las Nevadas".

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The Genius of Minecraft Manhunt

Here, Evan tells the story of Minecraft Manhunt and how Dream made it one of the most successful Minecraft series in the history of the game.

Evan has announced his next video will be based on Karl's "Tales of the SMP".

About Evan

Evan is an American Minecraft YouTuber. After joining the platform back in 2017, he streamed and made videos on Hypixel. After making a video surrounding Hypixel Skyblock, Evan decided to use that format to detail the rise and success through other YouTubers. Through the process of unique editing and beautiful cinematic shots, some viewers claim he could "make shampoo instructions interesting".

  • Amazing Scripts
  • Cinematics with Actors
  • Great Music Selection
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Director, Editor, etc.

Evan is the front man behind the channel.

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Script Writer, Actor

Evan's sister, Kaiya, has been credited to helping significantly with script writing and acting.

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Ekozaak is the designer of most of Evan's new thumbnails as well has his banner.

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StoryBlocks Audio

Evan confirms he uses SBA for most of his music in his videos. Officially licensed.

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Replay Mod

Evan uses a Minecraft Mod called "Replay Mod" to create his insane cinematic shots.

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Sildur is the creator of the epic shaders that Evan uses in his cinematics.


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"This was probably one of the best documentaries I've ever watched, and I'm glad that it was this long. Seriously I've enjoyed every detailed moment of watching this, well organized, well represented and made me excited. Wish I found your channel sooner <3"

Amir Taktouk
The Legend of Dream (Part 2)
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"Can we just take a second to appreciate Evan taking all this time to put together lore from across multiple streams together into one story? The guy's been keeping updated with it all this time.
Sure, I like to watch the streams myself, but there's just so much that for the ones I can't get to I loved edited videos like these that can break the smaller details down."

Dream SMP: The Complete Story - Part 1
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"This feels like watching a history documentary."


Dream SMP: The Complete Story - L'manburg Revolution
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"The legend of EvanMCGaming next?"


The Legend of Dream - Part 2
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"The editing, the narrating, everything about this is chef's kiss."


Somebody named Sam
Dream SMP - The Complete Story: Imprisoned
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"This man's channel is the definition of quality over quantity.
And yet, he posts videos of this quality almost every month. It's astounding."

The Legend of Wilbur Soot - Genius of Minecraft

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