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We, (the people who run this site), have no ties to Evan himself. We cannot ask him questions for you.

If you have a question for him, go to #ask-evan on discord or send to his business email.
Thank you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the song at xx:xx in this video?

All songs we currently know are listed in the post relating to that video.

I know one of the songs you don’t have!

Great! Send us an email at !

Can you ask Evan _______ for me?

As shown in the disclaimer above, we have no official ties to Evan, nor does he even know who we are. We cannot ask him anything for you, so if you want your question answered use #ask-evan in his discord server.

Who runs this site then?

We would only like to disclose that we are fans of Evan and wanted to put together a site for him without hassle or extensive conversation. Since this site is about Evan, we would like to remain anonymous.